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Mission Statement

The Board of Directors of Riverwood Plantation Homeowner’s Association is a group of volunteers elected by the people who own homes in this community of beautiful live oaks, attractive landscaping, and tranquil ponds with private access for boating in Spruce Creek. It is our united goal to serve our community by managing our finances frugally. At this time we have attained a fully funded status for our reserves while making major repairs to the clubhouse, pool, dock and sports courts and maintaining the many beautiful common areas.

Another major goal is to improve the property values of all 360 homes by supporting the Architectural Review Committee to enforce the covenants and design standards established by the original developers who valued tree conservation and the natural beauty of this part of Florida. Proper maintenance of homes and the land around them is vital to improving home values in an established community such as Riverwood. All homeowners must do their part to care for their property to attain that goal. The restrictions in place are intended to provide safety and encourage homeowners to take pride in their personal investment as well as the community as a whole. The decisions we make in managing Riverwood are made for the greater good.

The safety of all who use these facilities is of paramount importance. We urge residents to be familiar with updated safety rules, to share them with their children and to supervise them or at least be aware of their actions, if they are older.

Being personally involved in the HOA is a great way to help achieve our goals together. Much work is regularly required to keep such a large community, with more assets than most, attractive and in good working order as well as appealing to homebuyers. Our management company cannot do everything that needs to be done. They are not here 24/7, and that is why we want to encourage you to offer your talents/skills. Being personally involved in your HOA is a great way for each member to help achieve our goals together.

Board Meetings

Your Board cordially encourages your attendance at the monthly Board Meetings. They provide valuable and current information on what is happening in the association and allow for membership participation in decisions that affect the entire community. They allow you the opportunity to get to know not only the board members responsible for the administration and oversight of the HOA but other association members as well.

Meetings are noticed and regularly scheduled at the Clubhouse. Notices are posted at least 48 hours in advance of the meetings on the bulletin boards at Riverwood Drive exit and Del Mar Drive exit, and at the Clubhouse.

Board of Directors

Your board members are all volunteers. Each offers their talent and hours to maintain our community. We request you treat each other and the board respectfully.